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Online jewellery merchants in New Zealand

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  • Shop online in New Zealand at THE BONE ART PLACE
    Genuine hand crafted New Zealand and Pacific bone carving, jade carving and pearl shell carving in its many forms, from the very traditional Maori carving styles to the more contemporary designs for gifts and jewelry.

  • Shop online in New Zealand at PURELY PIERCINGS
    A wide range of body jewellery for tongue, eyebrow, navel, lip, nose, ear and more. Available styles in steel and titanium, flashing and glowstick jewellery. Free shipping on all New Zealand orders.

  • Shop online in New Zealand at KIWITREASURE
    A huge assortment of jewellery in greenstone, Paua shell, bone, Maori carvings. For all New Zealand delvieries there is one charge of NZ$6.00.

  • Shop online in New Zealand at SILVERFERNZ
    Kiwi jewellery range includes greenstone, bone, paua, black and coloured shell pieces, Lord Of The Rings Jewellery, Mother of Pearl Pendants, TVNZ Kiwi and the Cat Jewellery. Featuring earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, bangles and necklaces and jewellery Boxes.

  • Shop online in New Zealand at PRODUCTS FROM NZ
    Traditionally designed artifacts and tribal art made from New Zealand Greenstone (also called jade or Pounamu), bone, gold and sterling silver, paua (abolone) and native wood that is taken in limited amounts from sacred areas within New Zealand with the blessings of the local iwi (native people).

  • Shop online in New Zealand at SHOP NEW ZEALAND
    Offering a selection of quality New Zealand jewellery including Pounamu. This is the Maori name for New Zealand jade or New Zealand greenstone. This Jade jewelry includes jade bracelets and pendants that are ideal for gifts to New Zealand or any other part of the world. Also Paua shell jewellery and bone pendants, Karen Walker jewellery and Lord of The Rings range.

  • Shop online in New Zealand at NZ
    Purchase a polished diamond for your diamond engagement ring or jewellery item without any concerns regarding the stone's origin, treatments or inaccurate grading reports.

  • Shop online in New Zealand at Shopenzed
    Necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets and more.

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